Hugo his former apartment, a 15m2 studio on the 4th floor, in the busy city of Amsterdam, could not facilitate the urgently needed 24-hour care. This was late 2018, while rejection after rejection for admissions at care- and treatment institutions kept on coming in. In order to provide Hugo with the care he already desperately needed back then, Lisa urgently had to organize another place to stay for Hugo.

As there was nowhere to go and Hugo his health was quickly deteriorating, Lisa’s mother literally offered her bed and bedroom to Hugo in these times of need. She could no longer face this state of emergency without offering her help and safe home. This was possible due to her giving almost fulltime care to both her demented and dying parents, which meant she wasn’t home very often.

This rental apartment is situated in a flat. After the housing corporation received a report from one of the other apartment’s occupants about the care situation, the company decided to terminate the contract and to reclaim their house, with the explanation that Lisa’s mother (as main occupant) must be present in the apartment for more than 4 days a week. Next to that, because it is a senior-living apartment (55+), no young people are allowed to live here (as far as Hugo is really ‘living’).


The fact that Hugo is severely ill, is not accepted as an excuse, nor the fact that it’s a temporary emergency situation in order to save a life. A clear and official statement by Hugo’s medical specialist that indicated that moving Hugo to another (care) environment and the act of moving houses in general will have serious consequences for his already worrying state of health, are being ignored.

This means that not only Lisa’s mother lost her house after selflessly helping someone in need, but also that Hugo will be thrown out on the streets on the 1st of November. Despite everything we’ve tried, there is still no solution found and we don’t know where to go. While being in a safe and quiet home and receiving fulltime home-care is of vital importance.


It is a very tough situation in which regulations are given priority and empathy is lost, with far-reaching and lasting consequences for Hugo and everyone involved.