Dankzij de actie en ieders steun zijn er deuren opengegaan die voorheen potdicht zaten. Er zijn mensen en organisaties opgestaan en er is hoop dat er in de toekomst processen in werking zullen worden gezet die Hugo uiteindelijk zullen geven waar hij recht op heeft (tot nog toe is er 0 zekerheid). Dit is het doel van de actie en tevens waarom wij een geldbedrag voor (slechts) 1 jaar vragen.


We hopen dat we in dit komende jaar, gesteund door het geld van de crowdfunding, alle andere dingen kunnen bewerkstelligen via instanties en dat Hugo krijgt waar hij recht op heeft. Zodat we in ieder geval 1 stress-loos jaar hebben waarin alles geregeld kan worden en waarna er hopelijk duurzame en stabiele oplossingen komen voor de overige problematiek.


WAJONG BENEFIT                    €1.045,95    per month

CARE BENEFIT                             €     99,-       per month

TOTAL  IN                                     €1.144,95     per month





TOTAL  OUT                                 € 6.614,-   per month


Hugo's maximum budget is € 750 incl. This means that he is expected to be forced to spend crowdfunding money on housing in order to pay a full rent. Houses that meet the (care) requirements cost on average between € 1000 and € 1300 per month all-in. This is a difference of approximately €450,-.



  • 24-hour home care costs between € 350 and € 550 the day in the Netherlands. This varies from care students to specialized care. This is necessary to relieve Lisa and to ensure that Hugo does not lack highly needed care.

  • Hugo is currently being taken care of and looked after day and night by a friend, Lisa. The care starts around 7:00 am and ends at 2:00 am to 3:00 am.

    For over a year Lisa has provided Hugo with 24/7 care, free of charge or any financial compensation. This can no longer be achieved (both financially and in terms of health).

    In order to create a sustainable and stable care situation for Hug, to continue to provide him with this highly necessary care, and to keep Lisa available, a monthly fee is required.

    Lisa currently provides the most coordinated and specialist care for Hugo and therefore currently the best available care for Hugo.

    Reimbursement for Lisa is many times cheaper than purchasing care through (private) home care organizations. Informal care is of great importance in our participation society, but there are no arrangements or agreements for 20-hour long “working days”, 7 days a week, including being alert and on duty 24 hours a day.



  • medical liquid food
    go to the FAQ for more information. This food will be reimbursed by health insurance halfway 2020, but not yet. Now Hugo still has to pay for this himself. Costs: € 11 per bottle.

    €990,- per month

  • anti decubitus mattress
    rental of silent anti-decubitus mattress especially for 24/7 bedridden patients.
    €118,83 per month

  • (home)care- and medical tools​
    tools such as urinal bottles, neck brace, blood pressure monitor, hydration system, soundless blender (for fresh liquid food), alarm system (to call care), window seal, etc.
    €240,- per month 

  • medication
    non reimbursable (regular) medicine or means from abroad (e.g electrolytes + anti-viral)
    €190,- per month

  • infusion treatment
    Hugo’s NaCl infusions are now fully reimbursed, but future vitamin, minerals, and antioxidant IVs won't (on the advice of doctors abroad).
    €244,- per month

  • extending health care insurance package 
    from a basic package to a comprehensive supplementary insurance because of the intensive need of care (e.g. 100% reimbursement of physiotherapy because of deconditioning)
    €100.15 per month

  • supplements + vitamins
    basics suchs as vit D, K2, B12, valerian root extract, etc.
    €80,00 per month

  • unforeseen expenses
    for example extra costs for treatment at home (physiotherapy or other therapies, optician, etc. This will only be partially reimbursed).
    € 200,- per month